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Marine Cargo Surveyors

Your anchor in rough seas
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TempSurvey Comm.v. is an independent consultancy and expertise company in marine cargo surveyor services.


After having years of experience in the transport and insurance sector, we achieve results with our customers in most complex insurance issues, even in case of non-insurance.


We rely on a particularly extensive worldwide network within the transport and insurance world to achieve this.


Our company is located in Ypres, West Flandres: close to the major European ports and on the border with the North of France. We speak four languages (Dutch, English, French and German) and work worldwide, but mainly in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. We can always arrange a visit at your demand.

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Jan Robyn

Jan Robyn is at the helm of TempSurvey Comm.v. . As manager of JRC Marine, an independent insurance broker, he made transport insurance as core business of his company and promoted this on an international scale.


As a respected broker, he was therefore allowed to join the prestigious Eubronet organization as a Belgian representative. The company FC Logistics soon followed, active in prevention, consultancy and IT solutions within the transport world.


Over the years, attention also went into training: since the beginning of his career, Jan Robyn has taught in various transport and insurance courses and has shared his knowledge as an author of various works. In order to serve the many participants in the transport world, he eventually obtained a diploma in professional competence for national and international transport.


After the sale of JRC Marine, he decided to combine all his experiences to create added value. The spontaneous birth of TempSurvey Comm.v. resulted from a combination of years of experience as an insurance broker on the one hand, and passion, experience and insight into the transport world on the other.


Please contact us for your free copy of our INCOTERMS manual, written by Jan Robyn (Dutch and French copy available). 



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TempSurvey's distinct specialty lies mainly in perishable products, but we also have extensive experience in commodities, technology, transport and legislation.


An expertise always leads to a detailed report in clear and plain language: this is the only way to bring every case to a successful conclusion, even for the most complex matters and in the case of non-insurance.

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In the event of damage, we strive for a satisfactory result for all stakeholders: each file is resolved on the basis of a tailor-made approach.


We act as:


  • Negotiator in the interest of the customer;

  • Adjuster/surveyor for marine cargo damage and loss;

  • Finding solutions related to liability matters.


Quite often we receive requests to teach forwarders, transporters and producers.


  • Highly customized to the needs and requests of the client and available in Dutch, French and English

  • We aim for increased efficiency and risk awareness

  • Tailored courses possible anywhere in Europe

Let our long experience work for you: decrease risks and increase efficiency!

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TempSurvey Comm.v. guarantees:


  • A diplomatic behaviour;

  • A satisfactory result for all cargo stakeholders: all files are brought to a successful conclusion;

  • Trust: salvage goods where possible and no automatic total loss.

  • Extensive, clear and customized reporting.


TempSurvey Comm.V.

+32 497 37 36 60

Ypres, Belgium


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